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Android needs CameraPosition.

Android requires a camera's position as various manufacturers make the device.

What is CameraPosition

CameraPosition class has information pertaining physical size of the Android device such as distance between the camera origin and the screen origin and whether the camera is on the short axis or the long axis of the device (cameraOnLongerAxis).

Information from CameraPosition helps improving gaze tracking accuracy. Camera is located on different positions on Android devices, so the SeeSo Team measures this information for many Android devices.

The camera position example is shown in the table below.

ManufacturerModel NamePhysical distance information
SamsungGalaxy S20 5G(-32.1, 2.8)
HuaweiMediaPad M5 lite(-141, 108)
OppoFindX(-52, -5.5)
OppoReno 3 Pro(-7.5, 4)


What is cameraOnLongerAxis?

If cameraOnLongerAxis is false, the camera is positioned on the short axis as shown in the left figure below. Conversely, if true, the camera is positioned on the longer axis as shown in the right figure below.


💡 Does SeeSo SDK work properly without physical distance information of the device?

  • Yes, it works.
  • After calibration, gaze tracking works quite accurately even if there is no information about the camera position.

💡 Can I apply the camera position of my device to the SeeSo SDK?

  • Yes, it is possible.

How to measure camera position.

  • Measure the x-axis length (mm) and y-axis length (mm) from the center of the camera to the screen origin.