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Version: Release

SeeSo SDK Authentication


  • The SeeSo SDK requires Authentication process with SeeSo License Key.

  • The License Key is generated in SeeSo Console webpage.

  • The Authentication process is placed in GazeTracker initialization step of SeeSo SDK.

More information about [License Key](/docs/document/seeso-console-overview#License Key).

Authentication Result

  • The Authentication process with License Key will pass or return result/error code.

    • Web SDK will pass the result/error code as a return value(enum) of the initialization function.

    • C++ SDK will pass the result/error code as a return value(int) of the initialization function.

    • Other SDK will pass the result/error code(enum) through an initialization callbacks.

  • There are several types of result/error codes in enum/int format:

    • 0: .ERROR_NONE means authentication is succeeded.
    • 1: .ERROR_INIT means failed initialization.
    • 2: .ERROR_CAMERA_PERMISSION means failed to get camera permission.
    • 3: .AUTH_INVALID_KEY means the license key is invalid.
    • 4: .AUTH_INVALID_ENV_USED_DEV_IN_PROD means trying to use dev license key in prod environment.
    • 5: .AUTH_INVALID_ENV_USED_PROD_IN_DEV means trying to use prod license key in dev environment.
    • 6: .AUTH_INVALID_PACKAGE_NAME means using wrong package name.
    • 7: .AUTH_INVALID_APP_SIGNATURE means using wrong application signature.
    • 8: .AUTH_EXCEEDED_FREE_TIER means the free usage limit is exceeded.
    • 9: .AUTH_DEACTIVATED_KEY means trying to use decativated license key.
    • 10: .AUTH_INVALID_ACCESS means using invalid access method.
    • 11: .AUTH_UNKNOWN_ERROR means unknown error from the host server.
    • 12: .AUTH_SERVER_ERROR means internal error from the host server.
    • 13: .AUTH_CANNOT_FIND_HOST means lost connection or using wrong host address.
    • 14: .AUTH_WRONG_LOCAL_TIME means there is a gap between the device time and the server time.
    • 15: .AUTH_INVALID_KEY_FORMAT means using wrong license key format.
    • 16: .AUTH_EXPIRED_KEY means using expired license key.
    • 17: .ERROR_NOT_ADVANCED_TIER means trying to use User Status Detector with basic production license key.